Project Management and Office Software

                        PreparePM has reviews for the market leading software products in the area of Project Management and office.

                        Project Management Software

                        Tracking project progress
                        Microsoft Project Standard is the leading project management software. It allows you to first create a project plan with tasks, their dependencies and duration, and then allows you to assign resources to these tasks. The software can then be used to track progress against this defined plan.

                        Drawing figures
                        Microsoft Visio Standard allows you to draw figures and flowcharts. Visio has features to create shapes and dependencies between them. These figures can then be imported into Powerpoint or Word.

                        General Office Software

                        Leading Home Office Product
                        Microsoft Office includes the latest version of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word. All these products are market leaders, and do not need much description. There is also a Mac verion of office. If you have your own small business that you operate, then you may need Microsoft office Professional full version.

                        Microsoft Outlook is the market leading email product with tools to track tasks and calendar for managing appointments. The interface is easy to use. The only negative being the relatively high price of $110.

                        Protecting Your Computers From Viruses

                        Norton Internet Security is quite easily the best product for detecting and removing viruses, Trojans and Internet worms. It is a good investment if you do not have any virus detection software

                        Financial Accounting Software

                        Quickbooks Pro is the leading accounting software with features like paying salaries, invoicing, bill tracking, and check-writing.

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