Questions on Project Procurement Management

                        Questions on Project Procurement Management

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                        1. The process of Control Procurements falls under which process group
                          1. Planning
                          2. Closing
                          3. Monitoring and Control
                          4. Executing
                          CORRECT: C. Control procurement is part of Monitoring and Control process group.
                        2. Sam Consultancy has a large internal project to be initiated. To staff this project, Sam Consultancy is working with People Consultancy to provide three resources for six months. The resources will be part of the team managed by Sam Consultancy for six months. Which contract type should be used by Sam Consultancy?
                          1. Purchase Order
                          2. Cost plus Fee
                          3. Fixed cost
                          4. Time and Material
                          CORRECT: D. This is a case of Staff Augmentation. These projects are managed in Time and Material.
                        3. Sam Consultancy is planning to buy ten desktops for $1500 each from a leading computer store. Which type of contract will get signed in this case?
                          1. Purchase Order
                          2. Cost plus Fee
                          3. Fixed cost
                          4. Time and Material
                          CORRECT: A. Purchase Order is used.
                        4. Tree Consultancy is getting 200 computers installed from a vendor. The vendor will be paid the cost involved and a 10% incentive. Which contract will be used in this case?
                          1. CPPC
                          2. CPIF
                          3. CPFF
                          4. Fixed Cost
                          CORRECT: A. Cost plus percentage of the cost
                        5. Alice is a Project Manager. She is coordinating a bidder conference to allow vendors to get clarification on the work that needs to be performed. Which phase of Project Management is in progress.
                          1. Conduct Procurements
                          2. Plan Procurements
                          3. Control Procurements
                          4. Close Procurements
                          CORRECT: A. During the Conduct Procurements process, bidders can clarify their doubts using bidder conference.
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