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                        Program Executing Process Group

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                        This tutorial covers the Executing Process group of Program Management. Executing the program process group covers the process of managing execution of the program by completing the work as per the program management plan. Following processes are part of Executing process group:

                        Processes in Program Execution process group

                        Program Execution Process Major Output Knowledge Area
                        Develop Project Charter Initiating Project Charter
                        Direct and manage program execution Program office, PMO, program work completed/results Integration Management
                        Perform Quality Assurance Quality-related findings and results Quality Management
                        Acquire Program team Staff assignments Human Resource Management
                        Develop Program Team Performance assessment Human Resource Management
                        Information distribution Formal and informal communication of information Communication Management
                        Request seller responses Requests for information, proposal and quotation Procurement Management
                        Select sellers List of selected sellers and contracts Procurement Management

                        1. Program management plan is a super plan containing all the subsidiary plans included in the program to achieve and deliver the program benefits.
                        2. Program board is an empowered body that makes decisions regarding important program aspects such as scope, budget and schedule. It is responsible for resolving the program issues that are escalated to it from lower management level. The executive sponsor is a member of the Program Board.
                        3. Program Management Office (PMO) is responsible for managing cross-program governance for an organization running multiple programs. PMP typically provides program related governance processes and templates.
                        4. Program Office provides administrative support to the program team.
                        5. Program team are individuals that perform the activities in the program. It includes the Program Manager and team members.
                        6. Direct and Manage Program Execution process is used to manage various interfaces in the program to execute the work smoothly with the goal of delivering the planned benefits of the program. The process includes the following acticities:
                          • Produce the program deliverables by executing the program management plan.
                          • Implement the approved change requests and recommendation for corrective and preventive actions.
                          • Implement the planned processes and standards.
                          • Ensure that all the transition plans are executed.
                          • Produce and distribute the status information.
                          • Resolve interproject issues, risks and constraints.
                          The inputs, Tools and Techniques and Ouptuts of Direct and Manage Program Execution process is given below.

                          ITTO for Direct and Manage Program Execution process

                          Inputs Tools and Techniques Outputs
                          Program Management Plan Management Information System Work results
                          Program Schedule Work authorization system Change request and Program termination requests
                          Status Review meetings
                          Products skills and knowledge
                          Organization Process Assets

                        7. The process "Acquiring the program team" involves staffing as per the program budget and schedule. This may involve negotiating with internal and external stakeholders. The inputs, Tools and Techniques and Ouptuts of Acquiring the program team process is given below.

                          ITTO for Acquiring the program team process

                          Inputs Tools and Techniques Outputs
                          Staffing Management Plan Pre-assignmentment Assigned Staff
                          Program Schedule Acquisition or Procurement Updates to Staffing Management Plan
                          Program Budget Negotiations

                          In some projects resources may be pre-assigned from the already available work force. Acquisition is done from outside the organization if the resources are not available internally. Negotiations might be required to fulfill the staffing requirements from within the organization. This happens if the required resources might be involved with other programs in the organization.

                        8. The process "Developing the program team" involves assignment of roles and responsibilities, training plan and maintaining records for the resources in the program. A program management uses general management skills to ensure that the project team produces the desired results.

                          ITTO for Developing the program team process

                          Inputs Tools and Techniques Outputs
                          Program Management Plan Program Management Plan Assessment of performance and improvement based on work results
                          Staffing Management Plan Team building activities Updates to training records and team competency assessment
                          Roles and Responsibilities assignments Training
                          Personnel Records Co-location
                          Training Plan, records and resources Recognition and reward system

                          General Management skills include effective communication, ability to influence, motivating people, Negotiation and Conflict management, problem solving skills and setting ground rules.

                        9. The process "Perform Quality Assurance" involves evaluating overall program performance to ensure that the planned quality standards are implemented. Quality management planning involves defining the quality metrics and operational definitions. After quality planning is done, quality audits and process analysis is applied. The results of QA are findings and change requests for improvement.

                          ITTO for Perform Quality Assurance process

                          Inputs Tools and Techniques Outputs
                          Program Management Plan Program Management Plan Assessment of performance and improvement based on work results
                          Work results Quality audits Findings and results
                          Quality Management Plan Process analysis Quality related change requests and recommendations
                          Quality Metrics Quality Planning
                          Operational definitions Quality Control

                        10. The process "Request Seller response" involves requesting responses from vendors in various forms such as bids, quotations, proposals or offers. The RFI (request for information), RFP (request for proposal), and RFQ (request for quotation) are some response requesting methods that are used as per the program needs.

                          ITTO for Request Seller response process

                          Inputs Tools and Techniques Outputs
                          Program Preferred Vendor list Advertising Request for Information(RFIs), Request for Proposals(RFPs), and Request of Quotation(RFQs)
                          Acceptance criteria Bidder Conferences Response from vendors

                        11. Select seller process involves evaluating the proposals received during the request sellers process. The inputs, outputs, tools and techniques are given in the table:

                          ITTO for Select Seller process

                          Inputs Tools and Techniques Outputs
                          Proposals Seller Rating system Selected Vendors
                          Qualified Sellers List Weighting system Required documents: contracts, lease agreements, and basic order agreements
                          Evaluation Criteria Expert judgment Updates to procurement management program
                          Independent estimates
                          Proposoal-estimation techniques
                          Screening System
                          Contract Negotiations

                        12. Information Distribution process involves communicating the program status as per the communication management plan. Three main channels for information distribution are Clients, Project managers of constituent projects and the sponsors.

                          ITTO for Information Distribution process

                          Inputs Tools and Techniques Outputs
                          Communication Management Plan Communication Skills Formal communication of information
                          Stakeholder Analysis chart Information storage and retrieval systems Informal communication on an as-needed basis
                          Information requests Information distribution methods
                          Information to be delivered

                        13. Conflict management is the method to nourish positive working relationships among team members, which result in increased productivity. Various conflict management and resolution techniques are accommodating/smoothing, avoiding/withdrawal, collaborating/confronting/negotiating, competing, compromising and forcing using the power of position to resolve the conflict.

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