Communications Management

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                        Project Communications Management

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                        This chapter covers key concepts related to Project Communications Management.

                        1. The knowledge area of Project Communications Management consists of the following processes -

                          Communications Management Processes

                          Process Process Group Key Deliverables
                          Plan Communications Management Planning Communication Management Plan
                          Manage Communications Executing Organization process
                          assets updates
                          Control Communication Monitoring and Controlling Performance Reports
                        2. Plan Communications Management defines how and when the various stakeholders receive information, and communicate with each other.
                        3. Memos, emails are examples of non-formal communication.
                        4. The total number of communication channels between n stakeholders is n(n-1)/2. So if there are ten stakeholders in a project, there are 45 channels of communication.
                        5. Plan Communications process involves determining what kind of information should be shared with which project stakeholder. This is documented in the Communication management plan. Also documented is how and when the communication needs to be shared with stakeholders. The Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Output of Plan Communications process is given below.

                          Plan Communications Process

                          Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs
                          Stakeholder register Communication requirements analysis Communications management plan
                          Stakeholder management strategy Communication technology Project document updates
                          Enterprise environmental factors Communication models
                          Organizational process assets Communication methods
                        6. Throughout the project duration, information is shared with stakeholders as planned. This sharing of information is part of the Manage Communications process. The Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Output of Manage Communications process is given below.

                          Manage Communications

                          Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs
                          Project management plan Communication methods Organizational process assets updates
                          Performance reports Information distribution tools
                          Organizational process assets
                        7. The Control Communications process involves sharing the project status reports and measurements with appropriate stakeholders.

                          Control Communications Process

                          Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs
                          Project Management Plan Variance analysis Performance reports
                          Work performance information Forecasting methods Organizational process assets updates
                          Work performance measurements Communication methods Change requests
                          Budget forecasts Reporting systems
                          Organizational process assets

                        Questions on Communication Knowledge area are available in Communication Questions.

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