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                        Other PMP Certification sites

                        There is vast material available on the net related to PMP certification. Here I will point you to some of the better web sites available on the PMP certification site.

                        Free Mock exams for PMP

                        PMI provides a small sample exam.

                        Projects@Work have a getting started article on PMP with 10 mock exam questions.

                        Oliver Lehmann has a very good mock exam consisting of 175 questions.

                        Commercial Exam simulators

                        PMI offers a mock exam of 200 questions for $25.

                        PMP exam training

                        Many students find self-study to be difficult and time-consuming. Learning from text can be slow work due to the lack of guidance and need to hunt around multiple materials to answer clarifying questions. For this reason, we recommend going with a classroom-based approach to the PMP, if you can afford it. A classroom experience will afford you the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and gain an overhead view of the material.

                        EdWel Programs' PMP certification training boot camp provides excellent instructors (you can read about them here), as well as a PMP-certified coach assigned to you the day you register. We recommend them due to their excellent staff, materials, and support.

                        PMI chapters

                        PMI has chapters all over the World that facilitate preparation of PMP. A list of some of these is given below -

                        Upcoming Classes


                        • I took the boot camp last Monday thru Thursday and I passed my PMP, on my first attempt, on Friday afternoon.

                          Lorna Lavelle, PMP
                        • I took my bootcamp last week and passed the next day. My instructor was easily one of the best instructors I've ever had.

                          Timothy Hopkins, PMP
                        • I leveraged the course as somewhat of a capstone to my preparation period. I took the exam the very next day after the boot camp ended, and passed.

                          Acie Slade PMP

                                              Super League